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  • Cost: £349
  • Duration: All day
  • Dates: 23 August 2017 , 03 October 2017 , 14 November 2017
  • Location: NetComposites, Chesterfield, UK
  • Type: Classroom Training

Course Overview

This one-day course is aimed specifically aimed at engineers and designers who require a working knowledge of composite materials, their properties and their manufacturing.

Designing with composites is more complex than many other materials. However the extra opportunities that can be exploited once the materials and processes are understood are well worthwhile

This course removes much of the mystery surrounding composite materials to allow practical and economic designs to be achieved.

The course costs £349 (ex. VAT) per delegate to attend. This includes a full day’s tutoring and course notes, as well as lunch and refreshment breaks.

Course Content

Topics covered:

What is a Composite Material?  

  • Composite materials – an overview
  • Constituents of a composite
  • The roles of the constituents in determining the properties of a composite
  • The anisotropy (directionality) of composites
  • Typical characteristics

Polymer Matrix Composites

  • Polymers – an overview
  • Thermosets vs thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting matrices for composites
  • Thermoplastic matrices for composites

Composite Reinforcements & Additives

  • Types of fibre reinforcement
  • Self-reinforced plastics
  • Cores, fillers and coatings

Intermediate Materials

  • Why we use intermediate materials
  • The different forms of intermediate materials – reinforcement formats, prepregs, commingled composites and moulding compounds

Composite Material Processing

  • Overview of the various composite material manufacturing processes
  • How to select the best process for a given part
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various manufacturing routes

Composite Material Properties

  • Fibre and matrix properties
  • Fibre volume fraction and mass fraction
  • Rule of mixtures for estimating composite properties
  • Effect of reinforcement format
  • Effect of reinforcement orientation
  • Typical composite properties
  • Additional complexity

Composite Material Design

  • Estimating thickness
  • Estimating stiffness
  • Estimating strength
  • Sandwich design
  • Design codes
  • Practicalities of optimisation and design

Expert Presenter

Dr Joe Carruthers
NetComposites Ltd

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